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Senior Portfolio

Senior Exit Portfolio

The Senior Exit Portfolio is a graduation requirement of North Royalton High School. The process begins as you enter your freshman year and continues through your senior year. It is designed to provide an opportunity for students to demonstrate the skills necessary to move successfully from high school to continued education or the world of work. The portfolio is kept at school and will be worked on periodically during junior and senior English classes. The portfolio contains a resume, reference sheet, cover letter and student achievements. The student is also required to complete post high school explorations. Finally, as you prepare for graduation you will be required to present your portfolio to a Senior Exit Interview Team. This Senior Exit Interview Team consists of a panel of teachers and community members. They will determine the "Pass" or "Fail" status of your portfolio.
Senior Exit Portfolio Requirements

Because North Royalton High School truly believes in the value of the Senior Exit Portfolio, the entire high school staff will be dedicated to helping you complete this very important project. It is also important to note that this process will be completed over the course of your entire high school career. Therefore, you will be able to self-assess your personal growth and experiences. The process will culminate in a Senior Exit Interview that will be held prior to commencement. It is our hope that you will find this process both worthwhile and beneficial. To aid in your understanding of the process, we have included the following information:
  • Resume: This component is part of the English Curriculum and will be completed during English 11. Students create their own resumes based on individual career objectives.
  • References: This component will be completed along with the resume. The student selects three references, either personal or academic. These may include but are not limited to teachers, ministers, counselors, coaches, advisors, or bosses.
  • Cover Letter: This component is part of the English Curriculum and will be completed during English 12. This letter makes a connection between the student's abilities and interests relating to their career objective using various employment web-sites.
  • Student Achievements: This component highlights any skills, knowledge and successes the student has obtained throughout their high school years. A minimum of three samples of achievement should be present in the portfolio. The achievements need to be from three different areas such as: academic, athletics, clubs, CVCC, and community service projects.
  • Post High School Explorations: Each student is required to complete a minimum of three post high school explorations throughout their high school career. Suggested activities include: job shadowing, college visitations, computer research, career assessment testing, PLAN/PSAT, community service, career based field trips, and speaker presentations.
  • Verification Letter: This document is provided by the principal's office and will verify your completion of coursework as a graduating senior.
  • Final Individual Career Plan: This component of the portfolio is initiated in the ninth grade and updated yearly. It contains information on all career assessments, explorations and activities that the student has participated in since the ninth grade.
  • School Profile: This document is provided by the guidance department and summarizes statistics that highlight North Royalton High School.
  • Transcripts: This unofficial copy of transcripts is provided by guidance office. This document will only be a reflection of the student's first three years of high school.

The Senior Exit Interview

The final step in the portfolio process is the Exit Interview. The purpose of this step is to allow the student an opportunity to showcase his/her high school accomplishments. This final component is very important because it is the culminating activity of a process that took four years. Therefore, the Senior Exit Interview Team will consist of high school faculty and volunteer members from the business community or community at large. During this interview, the student will explain the various pieces of the portfolio. The interview will also give the panel a chance to ask the student questions pertaining to the various pieces of the portfolio. This final component is completed during the first semester of the senior year. If you have any questions regarding the Senior Portfolio Project, please contact Jill Larson, Career Specialist, 440-582-7815,
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