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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2015-2018
Board of Education Adopts District's Three-Year Strategic Plan

At the June 8, 2015 Board of Education meeting, the district's new three-year strategic plan was adopted. A presentation, led by Director of Curriculum and Instruction Melissa Vojta, along with several staff members, highlighted the key areas of the plan that will direct the initiatives of the district throughout the next three years. The district's mission to "inspire and empower learners" remains.

"So much has been accomplished and improved upon over the last five years. More importantly, levels of consistency with program delivery and communication in key areas have become a part of how we do business in our 'Royalton Way,'" said Vojta. "There are always areas of need that either continue to need TLC, or simply to remain an area of focus we don’t want to lose sight of. Additionally, our world in education continues to rapidly change, particularly in the area of instructional technology, and our curriculum and facilities must be equipped to handle the change. It’s natural then that some of the action steps in the completed plan would retire, to be replaced with new initiatives that are more current and relevant to the needs of our students today."

Early on in the school year, Superintendent Greg Gurka approached the District Leadership Team (DLT) for input on how to proceed with creating an updated strategic plan. Many of the members of this team were part of the original retreat group that established the vision, mission, and goals. "As we reviewed, reflected, and shared thoughts on these areas, it was apparent that none of what we believed then has changed, and more importantly, those guiding principles in the areas of Community Engagement, Student Achievement, Communications, Facilities, Financial, and Collaboration, are what have set the course for the successes we have seen, and would like to continue to see in the future." DLT members were dispersed among each of the goal groups to lead the charge for revision. Each group reflected on the former action steps to determine if they continue to be needed or if adjustments were necessary based on current need and vision for the district.

We thank the members of each goal committee who took the time to meet, review the action steps, and set the district on a positive path for the future of our students.

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 At the July 10, 2017 Board of Education Meeting, Director of Curriculum & Instruction Melissa Vojta and Director of Personnel Patrick Farrell, gave an update on the Strategic Plan which highlighted the progress that has been made on each of the goals over the past year.
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