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Calamity Day Plan 2016-2017

Under present legislation, Ohio Schools may take up to five calamity days. The state allows for up to three additional calamity days if the district provides organized lessons for students to complete online. Should additional calamity days be needed, it will be necessary to access our NR Online Calamity Day Plan.

All students should complete their regular class schedule of courses for the day school is closed. For example: if your child has gym on the day that school has been cancelled, they should do the gym lesson. If your child does not have art on the closed day, they do not need to complete the art lesson. Lessons are organized by grade level or subject in the system.

If after the five allowable Calamity Days, another a snow day is called, the following link will be activated:

  The link will be provided when it becomes necessary to implement.

This link will take you directly to the NR Calamity Day Plans website.

Directions are on the website.

Students that do not have access to a computer and internet service will be given the opportunity to make up the work when they return to school.