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PHNR Has Come "Full Circle"
PHNR Has Come "Full Circle" When Partnership for a Healthy North Royalton was formed in 2013 and applied for and received the Drug-Free Communities grant, the vision for a community united for safe and healthy living was given life. In the five-year grant timeframe, the coalition has evolved into a resource for many areas of the schools, the city and our governing officials, and a partner with many businesses and community organizations. The coalition has been the support of the surrounding families, church congregations, and everyone who comes into contact with our population. The mission has stayed the same and we continue to live out promoting a healthy, drug-free community by empowering the youth and adults to help them make responsible decisions. We have worked hard to moving from more than just a conversation starter, and becoming a long-term commitment to the community.

While our foundational beliefs have not changed, our coalition has grown to an organization with a new look and a renewed commitment to the well-being of all of our youth and adults. The rebranding campaign -- led by North Royalton graduate Joe Watson and his company, Go Big Creative Lab -- has been a process of discovering what our organization really represents and where we fit into the North Royalton School District and the communities served by our organization. “By working with Amy and Sheri, the coalition advisory board, and the coalition as a whole to get their feedback, there was an obvious message that needed to be conveyed, and Go Big developed a logo and color scheme to get that message of the positive impact PHNR has made and will make moving forward. The areas of live, learn, work, and worship were the essential pieces of those conversations and the new logo represents all of those pieces together with a common goal.”

With the logo solidified, the focus became the website and being an effective presence on the web and once again Go Big delivered in a BIG way. PHNR became a more effective and connected resource online as well.

Amy Kuntz states, “Moving from a bridge logo to a more organic symbol like the circle that represents the four sectors of our community that PHNR serves felt like a natural evolution as we grow. We are still the group that was started by a group of engaged school employees and concerned community members and we still hold true to what we set out to do five years ago with the DFC grant. But we are also so much more then that group - the onset of addiction and abuse is a problem that needs to be an ongoing conversation because of the constant morphing of the world of addiction. Our jobs at PHNR have become so much more vital to the community over the last few years because of the need for support and information. We remain committed to the cause, and we look forward to this next chapter here in North Royalton and Broadview Heights.”

Today, PHNR is regarded as a resource to supplement what the health classes teach about the disease of addiction, the science behind the way our brain changes when introduced to addictive chemicals, a way to start a conversation about expectations of not using drugs at any age, and an organization to support the community with the backing of experts at all levels on many topics.

Join us this month, our next meeting is at 9:30 a.m. October 18th at the North Royalton Library. Help become a voice in our community for positive choices and healthy living.

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