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Board Members


Board Members

Heidi Dolezal - President

Heidi Dolezal, North Royalton Board of Education
Phone: 440-237-8258

Heidi Dolezal has served 19 years on the North Royalton Board of Education, along with 13 years on the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center School Board.  She is beginning her fifth term of service in North Royalton.

Over the years, Heidi has served on many committees and as officers at all levels of the North Royalton PTAs.  She was an active member of the North Royalton High School Band Boosters when her children were in school.  As a Board member, Heidi has served on the Financial Advisory & Audit Committee, Curriculum Instruction Advisory Committee, North Royalton Educational Foundation, Building & Grounds, and Board representative to the North Royalton Recreation Board. Heidi also served as a softball coach for girls and boys in the North Royalton Baseball Booster programs for 13 years.

Heidi and her husband, Warren, are graduates of North Royalton Schools, as are their three children. Currently, she has four grandchildren living in the North Royalton school district.  Heidi is a graduate of The Ohio State University with a degree in Dental Hygiene.  The Schmidt Family Dental Practices of North Royalton have been Heidi’s employers for over 34 years.



Terry DeLap - Vice President

Terry DeLap - Board Member
Phone: 330-760-2455
Terry DeLap began his service on the North Royalton School Board in July 2019. DeLap is a retired business owner of The Cleaning Authority, a parent and long-time support of the District.  In 2018, DeLap was named the District’s Friend of Education.  The annual award goes to a person or persons who significantly contribute to North Royalton City Schools, help inspire and empower students, and dedicate themselves to making North Royalton and Broadview Heights great places.  DeLap also has served on the District's Business Advisory and Strategic Plan committees. As a parent, DeLap always has been a supporter and advocate for his child.  As a local business owner, he makes sure that students and staff are taken care of in many ways.  For example, when there were several national news stories about students who couldn't afford to eat lunch and were ashamed to ask for help, DeLap stepped forward to set up an account that children could use in the event they either forgot their lunch money or couldn't afford lunch.  His business was recognized by the District and the Ohio School Boards Association as a “Business of the Year” in the 2017-18 school year.

Jacquelyn A. Arendt - Board Member

Jacquelyn A. Arendt, North Royalton Board of Education Email: [email protected]
Phone: 440-230-1567

Jackie Arendt and husband, David, have raised four daughters, all graduates of North Royalton High School.  As a graduate of North Royalton, she is extremely proud to serve on the North Royalton Board. Jackie was elected to the North Royalton Board of Education in 2013 and 2017, and is currently the North Royalton representative, as well as Board president, on the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center Board.  She teaches sociology and health science courses at Tri-C and Cleveland State University. Jackie has served as a president, chairperson and trustee for the North Royalton Association for Gifted and Talented and the North Royalton Educational Foundation. She has been active in PTA for over 25 years serving on dozens of committees, as committee chairperson, and several officer positions. Jackie currently serves as president-elect of Leadership on Ohio PTA's Executive Board and will become president of the state association soon. She has served on Ohio School Boards Association's (OSBA) Rederal Relations Network and board member cabinet in the past and currently serves on the Northeast Regional Board for OSBA. Jackie was the recipient of the Ohio PTA State Achievement Award in 2003, the Cleveland State University Sociology Department's Distinguished Student Award in 2006, and OSBA's Award of Achievement in 2016 and Master Board Member in 2019. 

Dr. John H. Kelly - Board Member

Dr. John Kelly, North Royalton Board of Education
Phone: 440-552-0864

John Kelly began his service on the North Royalton School Board in 2012. He and wife Christine are 38-year North Royalton residents and have two children, both honors diploma graduates of North Royalton High School. He is a 1969 graduate and valedictorian of Cleveland Cathedral Latin and a 1975 graduate of the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) School of Dentistry.  John has practiced clinical dentistry for nearly 44 years and also held a faculty position at CWRU from 1975 to 1988, attaining the rank of Associate Clinical Professor.  John has been a member of North Royalton Baseball Boosters for over 23 years serving as a coach and manager, and as a trustee until 2018. He is a lifetime member of the North Royalton High School (NRHS) Band Boosters having chaired several committees and served for six years as booster president. He has guest lectured in NRHS biology II classes and health classes on microbiology and oral cancer topics. He has been a volunteer high school softball coach, has served on three levy committees, four bond issue commitees, and serves as a member of the Strategic Planning Committee. He is a member of the Stadium Foundation and Key Communicators.  John was the recipient of the PTA State Achievement Award and the North Royalton Friend of Education Award in 2009. He was also the recipient of the PTA Lifetime Achievement award in 2018. He is committed to continuing professional development and in 2015 and 2016, he earned the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Annual Award of Achievement.  He also earned the OSBA Master Board Member status, a lifetime distinction, for professional development over a four-year period. He is a four-time Board president and two-time Board vice-president.

Anne Reinkober - Board Member

Anne Reinkober Email: [email protected]
Phone: 440-582-3281

Anne Reinkober has  been a member of the Board since 2008.  She is a past Board president and vice president, served on each of the Board committees.  She is a 2013, 2016, and 2019 recipient of the Ohio School Boards Association (OSBA) Award of Achievement and a 2021 STAR Training Award.  She is a current trustee of the North Royalton Educational Foundation.

Anne has been active in the District’s PTA and booster organizations and has served as president at Valley Vista, Royal View, North Royalton Middle School and PTA Council.  She received the Ohio PTA and National PTA Life Achievement Awards and is a lifetime member of the North Royalton Band Boosters.  She served on the District’s Financial Advisory and Audit Committee for over 10 years and is a past member of the city’s Planning Commission.

Anne has spent more than 18 years in the securities industry.  She and her husband Mark have been residents of North Royalton for over 30 years and their three children are North Royalton High School graduates.

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