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2023-24 Kindergarten Registration


2023-24 Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration 2023-24

The District requires children to be five (5) by August 1 for the 2023-24 school year. There are several reasons for this change. All students entering kindergarten will be at least (5) years old. Child development is more in line with the increasing academic, social, and emotional demands being expected of the District's youngest learners. In addition, many neighboring communities, including St. Albert the Great already have August 1 as their cutoff date. It is our belief that this change leverages all children with the long-term foundation needed for strong academic success.

Our District offers full-time and part-time kindergarten options.
  *Full-time kindergarten students attend all-day Monday through Friday (9-3:30) at a yearly tuition rate of $2,500.
  *Part-time kindergarten students attend at no cost either Mon - Fri AM  (9:00-11:45) or Mon - Fri PM (12:45-3:30)

Registration for Kindergarten has 2 components.   You must complete the online registration for your child.  You will then make an appointment to turn in all of your documents. The link to make an appointment is located in Step 2, C below.  To begin the online pre-registration process CLICK HERE    

A. Download, print, and complete the forms in the required forms section below.
B. Gather documents as specified in the required documents section below.
C. Call (440) 582-9140 to make an appointment to bring in your documents.

 North Royalton Central Registration Office is located at 13220 Ridge Road (in the trailer next to the building) 

REQUIRED FORMS (Download, print, and complete each form.)

REQUIRED DOCUMENTS (These documents must be dropped off in person.)

*Child's Original Birth Certificate:  Certified copy (NO BIRTH LETTERS).  Students born outside of the U.S. must have their native country's birth certificate AND an original notarized English translation.

*Proof of Residency:
  1. Renters: Current signed lease
  2. Home Owners: Current utility bill or current mortgage statement (current meaning month of registration)
  3. Persons Residing With Others: The owner must complete the Owner Affidavit and the resident must complete the Residency and  Custody Affidavit. The owner, if they hold title to the property, must also submit a current bill. If the owner is renting, a current signed lease is required. 

*Driver's License or State I.D.: (non-expired) of residential parent registering student. Only the parent/guardian may register a student.

*Divorce Documents: (if applicable) must be a certified copy with any exhibits, attachments, shared parenting plans, visitation schedules, etc., as referenced in the divorce decree.

*Custody Documents: (if other than divorce) must be a court-filed document with all pages and attachments.

*Medical forms that pertain to your child

*Immunization records

*Most recent IEP, ETR, or 504 plan (for special education only)
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