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Computer Lab Page


Computer Lab Page

Computer Lab Page

1st Grade Sites

1A.) Create a Flower Garden - Hold down your mouse, then drag

2nd Grade Sites

1B.) Mrs. Hayn Penguin Research

2B.) Mrs. Hayn Penguin Research

3B.) Mrs. Hayn Penguin Research

4B.) Mrs. Hayn Penguin Research

5B.) Mrs Wanko's Iditarod Page

6b.) Dog Sledding

7b.) Iditraror Blogs

8b.) Mrs. Hayns Iditatrod

9b.) Mrs. Wanko's Bats4kids

10b.) Mrs. Wanko's Bats Kidzone

11b.) Mrs. Wanko's San Diego Zoo Bats

12b.) Bubble Skip

13b.) Balloon Pop

14b.) Fruit Shoot

15b.) Jet Ski Addition

16b.) Wanko Animals

3rd Grade Sites

1C.) Iditrarod

2C.) Iditraror Blogs

27C.) Iditarod

28C.) Dog Sledding

37c.) Investigating the First Thanksgiving

38c.) The First Thanksgiving room 125

39c.) Gingerbread House

40c.) Poppers Penguins Webquest

41c.) Penguin Research Webquest

42c.) Hertel Ohio Animal Webquest

43c.) Starry Starry Nights

44c.) Symmetry Art

45c.) Hertel Math

46c.) Reindeer Facts

4th Grade Sites

2D.) 4th Grade Skills

3D.) Play Golf !!

4D.) Warm Up Your Brain with Pick a Puzzle

5D.) Figure This - Math Challenge

6D.) World Almanac For Kids

7D.) Puzzle Maker

8D.) Edheads Activate Your Mind

9D.) Welcome to Science

10D.) Biology of Plants

11D.) How Stuff Works

12D.) Ohio Biographies

13D.) Biographies

14D.) Ohio History & Biographies

15D.) The Electric Avenue

16D.) Standard 7

17D.) Chemistry

18D.) Careers

19D.) What Do You Like?

20D.) Thanksgiving History

21D.) The First Thanksgiving

22D.) A Visit to Plimoth

23D.) Social Studies Ebook

23D.) Quiz Site


25D.) North Pole Around the World

26D.) Holiday.Net

27D.) Holiday Activities

28D.) Basketball

29D.) Timeline

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