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The goal of the North Royalton Elementary School Counseling Program is to inspire and empower learners by maximizing the academic, career, and social/emotional development of all students to help them become productive citizens of the school and community. As school counselors, we understand the elementary years are a time when students begin to develop their academic self-concept and their feelings of confidence as learners. During these important elementary school years, students are beginning to develop communication and life skills, as well as decision-making skills. 

Our school counseling program at North Royalton Elementary School provides classroom, group, and individual counseling to help build and nurture these important skills. Throughout the school year, we facilitate classroom visits that focus on important skills and character development. We conduct small groups during the school day which focus on social/emotional skills as well as study/academic skills. As school counselors, we are also available to meet with students individually to implement prevention and intervention strategies when needed. We hope to offer a safe place for students to land when they are having a difficult time during the school day. Our main goal is to listen and help bring the student back to a place where they can learn and be successful. 

Any student can request to meet with their school counselor privately in a safe place by asking their teacher, parent/guardian, or someone in the school office. They can also be referred by a teacher, administrator, or parent/guardian. We ask and encourage you to reach out if you have any concerns regarding your student(s).


Dana Kesselem | EMAIL
K-4 Gold Team 
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K-4 Bear Team

Jennifer Nemeth | EMAIL
K-4 Purple Team 
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