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High School Students Welcomed Back to School with New Lunches

High School Students Welcomed Back to School with New Lunches

The North Royalton High School cafeteria has taken school lunches to a whole new level. Students will now be able to choose food from a breakfast bistro, lunch bistro, pizza bar, salad bar and even a coffee bar complete with frappes with sugar-free syrup for only $2. This year students will have five to six different options to choose from for lunch, as compared to last year when they only had two options.

Due to federal guidelines, which went into effect in 2010, school lunches had to contain whole grain items, fresh fruit and vegetables. Calories were restricted as well as the amount of sodium in the lunches. “We did not have options available to meet the requirements and the options that were available tasted like sawdust,” said North Royalton City Schools Food Services Director Sue Rudolph. With these limited and unappetizing choices, food services in schools were losing money.

“Food services has done an outstanding job coming up with creative ways to meet student needs, meet the federal guidelines while also increasing participation in the program,” said Assistant Superintendent Jim Presot, “I think we’ll get some enthusiasm back for the lunchroom.”

Now vendors have created more appealing food choices that follow these healthy guidelines. Students are thrilled about these updates and have decided they want to do some taste testing. On August 20, the students were able to try out a new pizza and during the first two weeks of September, there will be a hamburger challenge. The new high school principal, Sean Osborne, the head custodian, Bryan Sheffield, and two teachers—Kathy Zink and Matt Ciha—will each design a burger for the students to try. At the homecoming assembly on September 25, the “Burger King/Queen” will be crowned and his/her hamburger will then be added to the menu.

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