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Community Facilities Committee to be Created To Oversee Spending of North Royalton City Schools’ Construction/Renovation of Buildings

Community Facilities Committee to be Created To Oversee Spending of North Royalton City Schools’ Construction/Renovation of Buildings

North Royalton City Schools, along with the City of North Royalton and the City of Broadview Heights, made an announcement today regarding the upcoming bond issue, Issue 116, on the November 8 ballot.

As the district has stated since the facilities plan was created more than a year ago, a committee will be developed to oversee the funds being spent on the construction and maintenance of the school buildings as part of its facility plan, Issue 116. This new Community Facilities Committee will consist of two residents appointed by Mayor Robert Stefanik of the City of North Royalton, two residents appointed by Mayor Sam Alai of the City of Broadview Heights, and three residents that currently serve on the district’s Financial Advisory Committee and Community Engagement Task Force.

As part of the funding plan, the district is working with the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission (OFCC). Not only will the OFCC be contributing state funds for the project, they will provide construction experts and will oversee the project spending. The Community Facility Committee will be an extension of that process in which independent participants will meet quarterly to review the construction budget and the actual expenditures associated within the scope and budget of the project. The committee will then be charged with communicating updates back to the community.

“We want what is best for our community and we know how important it is for a community to have strong schools,” said Mayor Sam Alai, City of Broadview Heights. “By having two of our residents working side-by-side with the schools and OFCC in overseeing project spending, I am hoping our residents will see this truly is a community effort/project.”

“As Mayor of North Royalton, I welcome the opportunity to have a voice at the table,” said Mayor Robert Stefanik, City of North Royalton. “I believe it is important to have participation from outside the umbrella of the school district to oversee expenditures and construction cost of this much needed project. A strong school system is imperative to the future of our communities.”

“We want residents to understand that Issue 116 is a community issue, not just a school issue,” said Superintendent Greg Gurka, North Royalton City Schools. It’s not easy to accept a tax increase when costs continue to rise all around us. We understand. We hope the residents of North Royalton and Broadview Heights that are a part of the North Royalton City School District realize that our Board of Education is committed to being fiscally responsible and are working with both cities, and community members, on the decisions we make.”

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