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Albion Elementary Embraces Cultural Heritage with Spirit Day

Albion Elementary Embraces Cultural Heritage with Spirit Day

On Monday, April 11, at the Board of Education Meeting, Albion Elementary students showed how important it is to embrace their cultural heritage and diversity as a school. The students, representing dozens of nationalities, shared their heritage and brought in a food item unique to their culutre. Some of the food shared was pizzelles, spring rolls, koulouraki and hummus, ponchiki, pirogues, pakora and dates ma'amoul. A video put together by Paula Atves and Beth Iafigliola about Albion’s Heritage Spirit Day was shown at the meeting as well.

Albion’s Heritage “Spirit” Day was held on March 21. Students and staff were encouraged to dress in a manner that celebrated their personal heritage and family culture. The intention was to embrace diversity and allow students the opportunity to show off their family roots and foster positive discussion about culture and differences. Students represented Italian, Loas, Greek, Arabic, American, Romanian, Indian, Ukrainian, Asian, Pakistani, South Indian, Poland and Indian nationalities by wearing traditional dress of the culture or simply the colors of their ancestry.

At the Board Meeting, Albion Principal Vince Ketterer, talked about how there is a positive and unique strength within his building in regards to diversity. This year, there are a record number of 48 students, or 10 percent of the student population, where English is not the primary language spoken at home. In the English Language Learners (ELL) population, or those students learning English in addition to their native language, 36 languages and 52 countries are represented by students and their families at Albion.

“Throughout the year, we look for ways to celebrate diversity and cultural differences. In doing so we found that so many more students and staff had a strong connection to their heritage and ethnicity,” said Ketterer. “Our heritage is what makes each one of us unique and sharing our cultural diversity is what makes our Albion family so special.”

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