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NRHS Pride in Academics Students

North Royalton High School staff celebrated their students’ first quarter success in person and with their families on Thursday, November 18 in the new Community Room. Families were treated to a breakfast with muffins, fruit cups, coffee and juice.
Teachers nominated students in four categories (Achievement, Character, Engagement, and Leadership).They recognized 60 students and wrote personal nominations as to why they deserved their awards.
At the event, every nomination was read aloud and the student was then surprised with finding out who nominated him/her. Every award winner was presented with a certificate by Principal Sean Osborne. The gift this year was a water bottle, presented by Assistant Principal Matt Yappel.
“We made the event special with some balloon decorations and a photo opportunity, all sponsored by the NRHS Student Council and done by Balloonatics,” said Assistant Principal Bridget Zywiec.  “We used the NR backdrop screen from the elementary school and added a balloon feature. Overall, we felt the event was successful and the students walked away feeling special. It was so nice to see people in person and the smiles on their faces.”
Students recognized include:

ACHIEVEMENT - “Something accomplished through great effort, skill, perseverance or courage.”

Pride in AcademicsPride in Academics
Pride in Academics
Pride in Academics

Daniel Aboumrad - Daniel has done an amazing job in Spanish II.  He has mastered every assessment and is able to perform above and beyond the level II requirements.  Daniel has a strong talent for learning languages and is such a great student to have in class.  - Señorita Mas

Olivia Audino - Olivia is an outstanding student who has really stood out in my class for the first quarter. She shows a true passion for learning, as she is always engaged during class and asking questions when needed. Her hard work and commitment have been big reasons why she has been so successful in Geometry so far.  - Mr. Nick Woods

Ashley Butler - Ashley has consistently been one of the top students in her 13/14 class this quarter and is to be commended for her effort and positive participation in class. - Mr. Chris Carion

Peter Caram - Peter brings enthusiasm to economics each and every day.  He is the first student to enter the classroom during 5/6th period, greeting everyone, including myself, with a smile and a pleasant, friendly "Hello."  That enthusiastic attitude carries over to Peter's engagement in the class.  He takes great care to complete all work, freely answers questions, and shares examples with classmates in class discussions.  I am proud of him for the grade that he has earned this first quarter of the school year.  - Mrs. Kathleen Zink

Daniel Castillo - Daniel is always willing to try his best and puts forth 100% effort each time. He is a great asset to our class and keeps us all on our toes. - Mrs. Sharon Merritt

Angelina Cipiti - Angelina demonstrated consistent work habits and a willingness to participate.  Her diligence earned her an A first quarter. - Mr. Kirk Ambrose

Dante Ciulli - Dante is an excellent student and has been engaged during class every day. He is very intelligent and has a thorough knowledge of mathematics.  He is excelling in calculus this year and is a pleasure to have in class.  - Mrs. Eva Teague

Lenna Devere - Lenna has really dedicated herself to making some wonderful artwork. It has been amazing to see her put into practice skills learned from other art classes. She has improved greatly and has produced quality art. - Mr. Brandon Speers

John Owen Dumm - Owen has worked very hard in my class for a long time.  This young man could also be given this award for engagement.  He has persevered in spite of all the obstacles life can put before him. He doesn't miss school unless he has to.  He is always engaged in learning and he always manages to get an A.  It has been an honor to share my stories with him knowing that they are a highlight during his time in my class.  It has been a pleasure to have Owen in German for four years now. - Frau Klann

Darren Fidel  - Fantastic Quarter Project! Keep up the good work! - Mr. Chris Boch

Andrew Gurin - Andrew has excelled in Biology class on all assignments and assessments during the first quarter. - Mr. Joe Francescangeli

Benjamin Hernandez - Ben achieved great success during the first quarter as exemplified by the phenomenal speech he delivered in class. His enthusiastic and engaging presentation was a highlight of the year so far. Ben is an outstanding student who demonstrates the many qualities teachers appreciate in students: hard-working, inquisitive, and open-minded. Ben should feel tremendous pride for his accomplishments. - Ms. Betsy Engel

Christina Husar - Christina has done an outstanding job this quarter in Honors Anatomy and Physiology! She is a dedicated and focused student who consistently puts forth the effort to succeed. -  Mrs. Beth Quirino

Chloe Kosa-Jaworski - Chloe has worked very hard this quarter to get caught up on her math skills.  She has shown a great work ethic and a positive attitude and it has paid off. - Mrs. Angeline Scott

Gabriella Lascu - Gabriella has been an exceptional student since the beginning of the year.  She is prompt, prepared, and always ready to go for class.  Her abilities are second to none and she continually performs in the top 1% of all of my Trig classes on every test or quiz.  As a person, she is one of the nicest students I have ever known.  With intelligence and a great personality, the sky's the limit for Gabriella.  I know she will be successful at whatever she decides to do in life. - Mr. Nicholas Ciulli

Angel Luong - Angel has shown outstanding achievement in U.S. History. She participates in class discussions, leads by example in her test preparation, and has done a great job making her own meaning of the historical material. Angel's ability to engage with the historical material at a higher level improves the level of understanding for the entire class. Angel has set the standard in U.S. History, and stands out, even in a group of exceptionally high achieving students.  - Mr. Matt Kish

Rudraksh Panchal - Rudy did a wonderful job and worked extremely hard on his Science Project. - Mrs. Tennille Haugh

Jiya Patel - Jiya is a tremendous student and human. Throughout the quarter, Jiya has demonstrated intelligence, maturity, leadership, and so much more. I'm very proud of Jiya and I can't wait to see all her future successes.  - Mr. Jonathan Dietrich

Hunter Pratt - Hunter has done an outstanding job not only in Algebra II/Trigonometry but in all of his classes this first quarter. He has worked extremely hard to maintain good grades these first nine weeks and should be very proud of all he has accomplished. - Mr. Bryan Bielak

Jashhvanth Tamilselvan Kunthavai - Jashu has worked hard to earn the highest first-quarter grade in AP Psychology. - Mr. Jamie Leonard

Nicholas Wislocki - Nicholas is a very hard-working student that is determined to understand the material at a deeper level.  He takes pride in his work and has demonstrated mastery at the highest level in AP Statistics.  He is an absolute pleasure to have in class.  - Mr. Mark Skor

Alex Zekanovic - Alex impressed me this quarter with his work ethic and determination. He worked diligently to earn an A for the first quarter in AP Physics I. Alex is also a pleasure to have in class. He is always engaged and participates in class discussions and activities.  - Mrs. Jess Yappel

CHARACTER - “To act in a manner that is honorable, courageous, compassionate and ethical.  It results in being viewed with respect, overcoming the difficult and feeling good about oneself.”

Pride in AcademicsPride in Academics

Evan Bennett - Evan is a thoughtful, kind young man. He has offered to help me numerous times to pick up after the class has left and has done such a nice job.  He also participates very well in class and is always engaged. ¡Buen trabajo, Miguel! - Señora Debbie Syroney

Daniel Castillo - Daniel's light-hearted personality and sense of humor have brought delight to the classroom.  He is very engaged in lessons and discussions and constantly demonstrates a positive, hard-working character.  - Mrs. Amy Vance

Aliyah Cunningham - Aliyah has demonstrated character in Biology by always putting forth her best effort. She does her very best on each and every assignment, and doesn't allow herself to become easily discouraged by any setbacks in the class. She is relentless in her pursuit of learning, and for this reason, she deserves the Pride in Academics award for character. - Mr. Joe Sieracki

Andrew Ferenchak - Andrew comes to class with a positive attitude and an upbeat outlook every single day. He is an optimistic teen who serves as an example to all those around him. He shows kindness, respect, and genuine concern on a regular basis. - Ms. Chris Roach

Shane Haditsch - Shane’s respectful, hard working, and genuine nature shines continually in class.  He is not only a positive role model to those around him, but also a leader when working in groups and an advocate for himself and others.  Keep being you, Shane, and working hard!  - Ms. Amy Gyorok

Hailey Langford - Hailey Langford has been an excellent role model in Geometry so far this year. Geometry is not always the easiest class for students but Hailey has persevered and worked hard each day to bring a positive attitude to class. Hailey works through any confusion she may have and is very supportive of her classmates. Our class often works in groups and Hailey has done a fantastic job working with a peer and making sure that they are keeping up and helping them out any way she can. Thanks for all of your hard work and patience. - Mr. Matt Ciha

Delaney McCoy - Danny is always trying to do what's best for the choir's individuals and as a whole. Danny asks great questions and looks at each situation through multiple lenses before deciding what's the best way to go about something. Danny has a tremendous amount of character and love for NRHS choir. - Ms. Sydney Jahnigen

Gerald Mlachak - Gerry is incredibly caring and thoughtful.  He respects his classmates and teachers. - Mrs. Kate West

Vladyslav Prykhodko - This year Vlad has chosen to have a growth mindset when it comes to school.  He is applying himself in the classroom, asking questions when he needs clarification and is investing in helping others in the classroom.  I have been so proud of his decision to have a growth mindset and move forward in his English acquisition journey this year.  - Mrs. Heather Bartel

Jayson Skudrin - Jayson has really stepped up during class to help lead the stretches and help set up and take down equipment.  Jayson has really continued to take an active role in class.  Thank you and keep up the great work - Mr. Brad Klingbeil

Aubrey Thome - Aubrey has been a huge morale boost to our 1st/2nd-period class.  At a time of day where it can be tough for students to get excited about class, Aubrey is always engaged, friendly and models a great example for her classmates.  The quality of character she displays daily helps inspire the class to be a better environment for everyone.  - Mr. Jim Hoover

ENGAGEMENT - “Involved in or committed to something as a cause.”

Pride in AcademicsPride in Academics
Pride in Academics

Mackenzie Albert - Mack is always eagerly engaged in every class activity that we do. She gives 100% effort toward every assignment and is not afraid to ask questions when she is confused. She is an excellent leader in small groups in the classroom and is always helping out the other students when they need it. She understands that we are all in this together working toward a common goal, and she makes learning new material fun for herself and for her classmates. - Mrs. Jennifer DiGeronimo

Peter Caram - Peter comes to class every day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He participates well on a daily basis and shows a genuine interest in the content. He works well with his peers and is a very hardworking student. - Mrs. Corey Durichko

Nicholas Cornea - Nick always arrives to class with a positive attitude! He is self-motivated and stays on task, efficiently accomplishing his daily goals. - Mrs. Lisa Walker

August Crossen - August is consistently engaged in French class. She shows her enthusiasm for the French language and culture on a daily basis. Her dedication to her studies has made her an asset in the classroom and a real pleasure to have in class. - Mr. Richard Emch

Maksym Demchenko - On a daily basis, Maksym strives in class to understand and analyze the course material.  English is not his first language, but his effort and his willingness to learn, as well as to improve his understanding of figurative language and of writing conventions, no doubt will make it difficult to make this distinction in the future. - Ms. Michelle Kovach

Anthony DiSisto - Anthony is always willing to volunteer to participate. He continually practices his Spanish and has a positive attitude. His engagement in class is appreciated. - Señora Laura Sandy

Cassidy Doyle - Cassidy has done a great job in U.S. History class so far this year. His active participation in class discussions as well as his overall performance have been impressive. - Mr. Nick Neumeister

Ethan Hoffman - Ethan has been an outstanding student in my class.  Metalworking can be a challenging and intimidating class.  Ethan has jumped in head first with an amazing and infectious attitude.  He has been an amazing welder and I look forward to seeing what he creates in the future.  - Mr. Jeff Rhodes

Robert Honican - Robert has shown early on that taking pride in his math studies is a priority for him.  He has participated throughout and done a great job during the first quarter. - Mr. Timothy Matus

Juliann (Jules) Luberger - If given the opportunity to nominate a student for all the categories related to Pride in Academics, I would give four nods in the direction of Jules. Jules arrived at NRHS this year with a willingness to work with others, a desire to grow as a student, a good spirit and work ethic, and talent to boot. - Ms. Megan Dolar

Edward Macak - Eddie has shown a high level of engagement in a variety of ways.  From the smallest assignment to a week-long project, Eddie takes the time to put in maximum effort.  With our daily bell work, he pays great attention to detail;  because of that, he's earned the nickname of the "Grammar King" in our class.  On written assignments and in class discussions, Eddie takes the time to respond thoughtfully to each and every question.  I truly appreciate Eddie's level of engagement. - Mr. Aaron Garman

Dean Montgomery - Dean is off to a great start in Algebra II.  He always contributes positively to class discussions and has a good attitude.  - Mr. Dave Marhefka

Anastasia Murynyuk - Anastasia comes to Biology class every day with a smile on her face and a willingness to learn.  She's always engaged by asking relevant questions and should be looked up to by her peers as a student who demonstrates what it takes to learn the material.  - Mr. Sean Drvenkar

Rudraksh Panchal - Rudy is such a hard-working student.  He pays close attention in class and spends so much time on his homework.  He works hard both in and out of the classroom.  - Mrs. Chris Shepherd

Molly Petrina - Although I’m lucky enough to work with Molly in two classes, I am recognizing her work in journalism, as she’s demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the school’s paper. Molly exemplifies all the qualities of a true journalist. Her interviews have incredible depth, which, in turn, lead to truly rich articles that don’t just offer a cursory look at the stories, but, instead, give the reader insights that they wouldn’t otherwise have. Molly couples her talent as a writer with her passion to share the world’s stories. I’m grateful that Molly has chosen to take my course, as the North Royalton community is better because of her vision and dedication to journalism. - Mr. Michael Hemery

Charles Putnam - Charlie is doing a great job in chemistry!  I can always count on him to raise that hand even if he is unsure of an answer.  Participation like that is appreciated! - Mrs. Kahle Miller

Raman Satyawada - Raman is always the first to raise his hand and participate in class.  He is able to get the class involved in discussions and help his peers out when they are stuck while answering a question.  He is able to motivate students and encourages them to be active in class. Raman is always able to add details to the conversations the class has in regards to the novels we read.  Raman comes to class prepared every day and has been a key piece in keeping our class engaged and on track with the activities that we do.  - Mr. Paul Salyards

Amelia (Nova) St. John - Nova consistently engages in classroom discussions and can always be counted on to contribute. Her participation in class is a welcome addition to a positive classroom learning environment. - Mr. Sean Folk

Allen Winer - Beyond his overall achievement, Allen is always engaged and has something insightful to add to classroom conversation. His connections to previous knowledge and reading are always interesting! - Mrs. Lisa Walker

Anastasia Yevtukh  - Anastasia is a positive role model to her peers and is consistently engaged in the material on a daily basis.  She contributes to the class often ensuring she fully comprehends the concept.  - Mrs. Adrianne Klein

LEADERSHIP - “The art of motivating a group of people towards achieving a common goal.”

Pride in AcademicsPride in Academics

Zadan Abuhamdeh - Z is a leader and an outstanding young man!  I have been lucky to coach him and have him in class.  He is not only leading the football team to a great season, but he leads by example daily by displaying respect for everybody that he is around.  Z is a winner; he is always a pleasure to be around, and is absolutely hilarious on top of that!  - Mr. Nick Lapsevich

Aleah Evans - Aleah is a real leader in the classroom and working in groups.  She organized her group in class, gave them specific jobs and encouraged them to their fullest potential.  - Mr. Anthony Kleem

Daniela Frabotta - I have been lucky enough to know Daniela since she was in 9th grade.   I now have her in class and was part of her interview team for her Senior Exit Interview.  The amount of maturity, growth and personal development that she has exhibited is tremendous.  Daniela is a caring, hard-working student who cares deeply for animals and others.  She is an extremely talented artist.  I was happy to see her work displayed in her portfolio.  She was kind enough to separate the work out between her grade levels so that the team could see her growth.  Daniela, the sky's the limit for you.  Keep growing, learning, and exploring the world around you.  - Mrs. Kriste Smith

Shreya Ganapathi - Shreya is definitely a leader in the classroom!  She comes into class every day ready to participate and learn, and ready to share with others what she is learning.  She acquires Spanish quickly and realizes that being a part of a classroom community is not just learning for herself but also giving and helping others as well.  She is a wonderful student leader to have in the class! - Mrs. Heather Bartel

Grace Isabella - Grace is constantly a leader in class, and her classmates really look up to her. - Ms. Lauren Stefancin

Saige Schultz - Saige works hard on completing all of her assignments.  She answers questions and is always willing to help others.  She is a great role model for her classmates.  I know I can always count on Saige! - Mrs. Barb Soza

Marisa Strazzanti - When working with a group, Marisa does a great job taking the lead and works fantastically with others! She always makes sure everyone in her group is on task and that they understand what they need to do.  - Ms. Shelby Franczak

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