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NRHS Students Surpass Goal in Food Drive

North Royalton High School Students Surpass Goal in Annual Food Drive

“This was by far the best food drive we coordinated in over a decade,” said Jonathan Dietrich.  “I'm so thrilled, proud and physically overwhelmed as my room is FILLED with food.”

The food drive at North Royalton High School ran from September 27 through October 7.   The goal: 2,021 food items in the year 2021.  In previous years, the school would average 900-1,100 items.   An extra incentive this year was a raffle of a $25 gift card.  Every time a student dropped off an item in Dietrich’s classroom, they would get a raffle ticket.   Each day, this spirited teacher would record a daily update video for the high school announcements.  He wore silly hats and wigs to catch their attention.

“On the first day, we collected 12 items,” said Dietrich.  “Then, on the next day it was 45 items.  By the end of the food drive–only seven days later–we collected 3,307 nonperishable food items!”

Dietrich’s door and hallway was packed each morning as students dropped off items throughout the day. “My students were so excited to see it grow,” said Dietrich.  “Some kids had to switch desks because the food consumed their old ones. I'm so impressed with the generosity and kindness displayed during this food drive. Our entire student body stepped up for this cause. We did it together.”

Special thanks to the volleyball team for sponsoring a food drive night at one of their games.  Also thanks to the North Royalton Soccer Club for their donations.

“This event is a true testament to the generosity and kindness of our student body,” said Dietrich.  “We are so blessed to live in a District with such remarkable students.”

The 3,307 food items will be donated to the North Royalton Food Bank.

food drive

food drive

food drive

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