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NRHS Lends a Hand

By NRHS Student Reporter Anastasiya Haydash        

With the holiday season coming up, not everyone will be able to put food on the table, especially this year due to the loss of jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Families will struggle to put gifts under the tree for their children and food on the table for Thanksgiving. This is why the North Royalton High School does annual food drives where they collect canned goods for the people in need. The collected food is then given to less fortunate people, to help them have some food during the holidays.

The North Royalton community is excellent in helping others. North Royalton High School has various clubs in which students participate and volunteer to help out in their community. Many students help out their community by collecting food and supplies, tutoring in the library after school, and volunteering at different community events, such as decorating the square with Christmas decorations, organizing a kids Halloween party, or decorating the school for a Homecoming dance.

There are many other organizations which let students connect and help other people as well. Junior Sofia Kvasnytsya is involved in the Ukrainian American Youth Association (UAYA). She does a lot of fundraisers for orphans in Ukraine. “At UAYA before Christmas we have a fundraising event where we sell cookies and baked goods, then we split up into groups and go to a store to buy toys and supplies for kids. After that we send everything to the people in need in Ukraine,” said Sofia. She believes that joining organizations outside of school is also a good way to get involved because then people get to make some lifelong friends and even interact with people from different countries.

Other students love to help out a lot with tutoring. The students providing tutoring classes in the media center on various subjects are members of the National Honors Society (NHS). An NHS member, Alyssa Grugle, said, “I like to help others because it makes me feel good about the work that I have done.” Alyssa tutors in subjects such as Spanish and math.          

Another way students participate in the North Royalton community is by volunteering at community events. Senior Katarina Djordjevic came to school on multiple Saturdays to help decorate the school for homecoming, a Halloween event for high school, a middle school tailgate and many other events. Katarina said, “My favorite part of my volunteer work is meeting all the people who also help out and seeing how excited the people I’m helping get.” Katarina's favorite story is helping at the Halloween costume party. “I worked at a face painting booth and all the little kids would get super excited when they got painted on, and they were always so happy with how it turned out. Their faces as they showed their parents were just awesome.” Katarina loves to work with kids and see their big smile at the end. In addition, she is highly involved with the National Honors Society and tutors students in many different subjects during her free periods.

There are many different ways that students at North Royalton High School can get involved. They can join different clubs such as Key Club, Student Council, National Honors Society, and Stand. These clubs do lots of different volunteer work and help a lot of people. These are just a few clubs that are available to join. Numerous students go out and do other activities outside of school, such as UAYA or help at their churches. North Royalton High School gives students many different opportunities, and not many people will ever have as many opportunities as the students here do.

Senior, Katarina Djordjevic, helping tutor students during her study hall. North Royalton students volunteering at the NR square by decorating the Christmas tree and stringing lights around the square.

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