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Seventh Graders Demonstrate Piloting Drones

This year at North Royalton Middle School, seventh graders have a new science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) offering called Flight and Design.  STEM teachers Samantha Brown and Don Filips provide every seventh-grade student a hands-on experience in programming and piloting drones.  Students explore the science behind drones and learn about the emerging career opportunities that drones are creating. Students also design their own Aviator Dog Tags and engrave them using a Glowforge Pro laser engraver.  

The Drone Olympics are one of the highlights of the quarter-long class.  Students create an Olympic style event that challenges the skills of the young pilots.  Each drone is required to throttle, pitch, roll, yaw, and flip in each event.  The history of the Olympic Games is introduced and students research the country they are representing.  Props are built to give each event a realistic look and feel of their country.  

Several of the top pilots from the Ice and Earth teams had a chance to demonstrate what they have learned at the District Curriculum & Instruction Advisory Committee and Board of Education meetings this past month.  The seventh-grade pilots included Avi Asur, Ava Blair, Roger Cervenka, Bella Geffert, Claudia Grimm, Elia Nakhle, Sophie Roshetko, Samantha Wintrich and Alayna Valenti.

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