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NREF Grant Recipients

North Royalton Educational Foundation Announces 2021-22 Grant Recipients

The North Royalton Educational Foundation (NREF) presented grants to several teachers  this year at their annual reception on April 26. The teachers who were awarded grants spanned all grade levels and types of learners, including a wide range of curriculum subjects centered around the 4 C’s–communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity.

The total amount of money granted to staff members this year was approximately $6500. The NREF raises the money for these grants during the year through the support of their donors and several fundraisers. 

Grant recipients include:

Sarah Burrows/Alyssa Emery/Abbey Studor - Elementary Music Teachers

Enrichment of Music Experiences - Wooden Cajons, Boomwhackers, and colorful scarves allowing students to be able to hear and feel through the use of whole body sensations.

Jessica Connelly - Fifth-Grade Teacher

Building and Design through PLAY! - Hands-on manipulatives to enrich and provide students with engineering and design processes.

Sarah Franko/Lori Cole - Fifth-Grade Teachers

Mindful Mavericks - Activities and manipulatives to help students to learn strategies and techniques that will help them regulate their emotions. As students learn to respond and not react, the hope is to increase a sense of belonging which will result in fewer discipline issues and a stronger sense of community at North Royalton Middle School.

Amanda Fulton - Kindergarten Teacher

Student Centered Learning Manipulatives - A cross-curricular instructional approach that scaffolds and differentiates learning for each child. This is an effective way to teach problem solving skills and increase student engagement and rigor in the classroom.

Jennifer Harold - Middle School Art Teacher

Lighting Up the Art Room - Crayola light boxes for a variety of projects that are great for problem-solving, multiplying designs, and transferring sketch ideas to paper.

Kate Hindall - Third-Grade Teacher

Guided Math and Differentiated Math Activities - By incorporating guided math groups with activities, it should increase student achievement by teaching to students’ specific levels and abilities.

Lorrie Imke/Jessica Connelly - Fifth-Grade Teachers

Raptor Team Sensory Area - Activities and manipulatives will help the Raptor Team students who are experiencing anxiety or stress an opportunity to calm and focus themselves and to decompress so that they can return to class and be better prepared for learning and interacting with others.

Elizabeth Kannel/Kelly Zippay - Kindergarten Teachers

Learning Through Pretend Play - Manipulatives to help students learn through imaginative play using language arts, math, and important life skills.

Laura Kunz - Elementary Speech Language Pathologist

Errorless Learning Manipulatives - An intervention tool used with a student prior to the student completing a task or exhibiting an expected negative behavior. Errorless learning helps take away frustration that a student may encounter while completing a task and will help to build a student's confidence.

Arynn Leety - Elementary Special Education Teacher

Shoebox Tasks - With this type of learning tool, students with autism and other disabilities learn to work in a quiet, distraction free workspace where they can complete their shoebox task and feel a sense of pride and understanding afterward.

Jennifer Petty - Elementary Special Education Teacher

Tactile Sensory Board - This board will not only help for sensory input needed for the most vulnerable students to keep their bodies calm, but also for stimulation to help them start to understand STEM like activities.

Laura Sandy - World Language Teacher

Cooking with World Language - Kitchen supplies for students to be able to experience the festive cooking projects and increase student engagement in the cultural part and standards of the curriculum.

Kriste Smith - High School Personal Finance and Accounting Teacher

Books, Board Games, and Brain Boosts - Use innovation and enrichment to highlight the similarities between what is learned in class and how the real world works. See the students apply the concepts they have learned in personal finance and accounting class to real-life scenarios.

Meredith Stanton/Thomas Rourke - Middle School Special Education Teachers

Mindfulness/Sensory Space - A space within their classroom that will provide students a calm and relaxing environment for mindfulness or sensory needs when feeling overwhelmed.

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