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NRHS Pride in Academics - Third Quarter

North Royalton High School staff celebrated their students’ third quarter success in person and with their families on April 28 in the new Community Room. Families were treated to a breakfast with muffins, fruit cups, coffee and juice.
Teachers nominated students in four categories (Achievement, Character, Engagement, and Leadership).They recognized more than 60 students and wrote personal nominations as to why they deserved their awards.
At the event, every nomination was read aloud and the student was then surprised with finding out who nominated him/her. Every award winner was presented with a certificate by Principal Sean Osborne. The gift this year was a water bottle, presented by Assistant Principal Matt Yappel.

Students recognized include:


“Something accomplished through great effort, skill, perseverance or courage”

Kaleena Alejandro - Kaleena has worked very hard this quarter to keep her grades up and turn in assignments. Kaleena received an A this quarter because of her determination and motivation to do well. 

  • Ms. Lauren Stefancin

Brandon Barrett - Brandon (Gustavo) has shown an enthusiasm for using and learning the language the entire school year that has been unmatched by any student in my five Honors Spanish III classes. He is very talented and a pleasure to have in class. 

  • Mr. Chris Carion

Dante Bevilacqua - Dante is always prepared for class and works very hard to maintain his grade.

  • Mr. Anthony Kleem

Peyton Bunsey - Peyton is a conscientious and hardworking young lady. I truly appreciate her efforts and willingness to participate in class discussions and group work. 

  • Mrs. Catherine Norris

Ethan Canavan - Ethan has done a terrific job in chemistry this year, and really went above and beyond on his third quarter Nuclear Power project!  Also, he has been a huge help in his lab group, keeping the group on track and helping others when needed. 

  • Mrs. Kahle Miller

Peter Caram - Peter put forth a great deal of effort and continually worked on his Persuasive Research Paper every single day. I am so proud of how hard Peter worked day in and day out! 

  • Mrs. Tennille Haugh

Angelina Cipiti - Angelina has been an outstanding student in my class the entire year. She is always on task and does a great job participating. She is always willing to help other students and the quality of her work is second to none. She has shown a real aptitude for math and with her work ethic she will be successful at whatever she does after high school. 

  • Mr. Nick Ciulli

Dante Ciulli - Despite the fact that Dante Ciulli’s heart lies in the math field (I’ve been trying to convince him to really stress his dad out and declare a literature major next year), he is one of the finest English students I’ve had the pleasure of teaching. Last semester he thrived in his writing, composing essays that extended far beyond the assignments' requirements. But this semester, I’ve had the privilege of reading his reactions to literature. He experiences the words of each novel and short story and then truly analyzes the authors’ intentions before offering his own interpretation of the stories. There is great depth to Dante’s work, which is a clear reflection of his own mind. Life is a complex network of systems, and Dante delves into those processes without hesitation. In addition, Dante is a leader, as there wasn’t a day when he didn’t carry himself with the utmost maturity, serving as a beacon of hope for all of us as we send these young people out into the world. I was lucky to spend the year working with such a fine student.

  • Mr. Michael Hemery

Colin Finnecy - Colin has been wonderful to have in class all year long! He is always engaged and participates in class. Colin is also very intelligent and a hard worker. This combination helped him earn an A for the third quarter in AP Physics 1.

  • Mrs. Jess Yappel

Lance Fowler - It was truly an honor to have Lance as a student this year. He is one of the best minds I have had the privilege to have in class. No matter what you ask Lance to do: Coding, welding, machining, helping other students, Lance does it at the highest level. I could go on and on about how creative and smart he is, BUT nothing I can say will do his abilities justice. 

  • Mr. Jeff Rhodes

Sara Fox - Sara performs extremely well on all assessments, participates in classroom activities, and turns in superior work!

  • Mr. Joe Francescangeli

Maliyah Gomola - Maliyah has shown immense personal and academic growth between second and third quarter. She takes great pride in her assignments and class. She increased the grades of her core class by 40-50% from last semester to this semester. She is also one of the most polite students I see.

  • Miss Rachael Sladky

Emma Hart - Emma does a fantastic job in Spanish III! She is very hard-working, stays on task daily, always does her work on time and to the best of her ability, and she works well with her classmates. She has also worked hard to obtain high A's all three quarters this year. I really enjoy having Emma in class!

  • Mrs. Corey Durichko

Julia Kindel - Julia is gifted with wonderful artistic skills, and has created some amazing pieces of art.

  • Mr. Brandon Speers

Nina Kovalak - Nina takes great pride in her work and shows great depth in her understanding of the Statistics material. Nina is an extremely focused student that participates in the daily lessons. I really enjoy having Nina in class and I look forward to all her successes in the field of Statistics. 

  • Mr. Mark Skor

Dominic Lapeus - Dominic has done an outstanding job all year long and specifically this quarter through our Trigonometry chapters. He is always on task and sets a positive example for his classmates. 

  • Mrs. Adrianne Klein

Jack Masters - Jack has done a phenomenal job in my class this year. He does an excellent job in mastering material and demonstrating that mastery on assessments. Jack also engages regularly in discussions and demonstrates higher order thinking. Furthermore, I have Jack during the first period of the day and he has been one of my “go to” students who has regularly participated since day one of class. Jack is a great student and person who is very deserving of this award. Well done, Jack.  

  • Mr. Cory Brady

Ian Murray - Ian shows outstanding engagement and has achieved excellent scores on class quizzes including the highest possible score on our Earth History quiz. He is professional and shows great maturity in class and great interest in the subject.

  • Mr. Christopher Boch

Ian Murray - Ian worked extremely hard every day on his Persuasive Research Paper this quarter, constantly improving and revising it. He truly earned his A grade. 

  • Mr. Michael Colabianchi

Emily Porach - During the third quarter, Emily worked hard to improve in her U.S. History class and the results have been impressive. She should be proud of the progress she has made. 

  • Mr. Nick Neumeister

Kyle Sandborn - Kyle personifies the term student-athlete. Congratulations on your accomplishments on the mat and for earning an A third quarter in American Government.

  • Mr. Kirk Ambrose

Anastasiya Shalamay - Anastasiya arrives to class every day with a smile and a readiness to engage in the daily work! Whether we are reading and responding or writing and reflecting, Anastasiya gives over 100%. She is an example of a student who is intrinsically motivated to learn and do her absolute best. All of these characteristics combined with her positive attitude makes Anastasiya a pleasure to have in class each and every day!

  • Mrs. Lisa Walker

Marisa Strazzanti - Marisa has had a terrific year in Algebra I through the first three quarters. She is always organized, prepared for class, and consistently does well on her assessments. Marisa has a great attitude and always comes to class with a smile on her face. 

  • Mr. Nick Woods

Brendan Tabachnick - Brendan was able to really improve his grade in the third quarter. 

  • Mr. Richard Emch

Allyson Talpas - Ally has worked extremely hard this quarter to improve her writing. Throughout the course, Ally has been able to complete all the necessary steps required in a timely fashion resulting in strong formal essays. Ally has taken great pride in her writing and has become more independent with her ideas and expressing herself. She has come a long way since the middle of January until now.!

  • Mr. Paul Salyards

Blake Valley - Blake certainly does all of his homework and kills it on assessments, but that's not what makes his achievements in Biology so noteworthy. He's a maestro in the lab, effortlessly applying what he learns in the classroom. Blake is a voracious reader, which no doubt helps to keep his mind nimble and wits razor-sharp. Science starts with knowledge, but Blake has demonstrated the ability to take what he has learned beyond just basic recognition. He undoubtedly has a bright future ahead of him in science, should he so choose!

  • Mr. Joe Sieracki

Mackenzie Warner - Mackenzie is a strong singer who also cares about the craft. She comes to class each day to get better and enjoys singing for what it is. She asks questions and wants to learn more. I am impressed with her resilience even in a challenging environment. She is also a kind and polite student who works well with her voice section.

  • Ms. Sydney Jahnigen

McKayla Webb - McKayla has been a model of consistency during the first three quarters. She has shown great effort and responsibility in all aspects of the class.

  • Mr. Timothy Matus

Amelia Whitt - Mia has worked hard to improve her grade for the third quarter. It has been a pleasure to have her in class.

  • Mr. Jamie Leonard

MaddisonYax - Maddison has done an outstanding job this quarter in Honors Biology! She has become a dedicated and focused student who is consistently putting forth the effort to succeed. 

  • Mrs. Beth Quirino

3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student
3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student

3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student3rd Quarter Achievement Pride in Academics student


“To act in a manner that is honorable, courageous, compassionate and ethical.  It results in being viewed with respect, overcoming the difficulty and feeling good about oneself.”

Sayed Abuhamdeh - I was addressing two young male students who were not in dress code.  One of the students was being stubborn and choosing not to cover his tank top with a t-shirt. Sayed stepped in and addressed the student saying, "Hey man, just do what Mr. Hoover asked you to do."  Sayed is a great young man who has always shown me the greatest respect and support.  He is a great example of what character is all about for NORO students.

  • Mr. Jim Hoover

Mackenzie Albert - Mackenzie comes down to our lunch and sits every Wednesday with the special needs students. She has conversations with our students and tries to brighten their day. She is always kind and compassionate to them. Thanks, Mackenzie, for giving up your lunch every Wednesday. 

  • Mrs. Sharon Merritt

Ronald Arpajian - Ronald is an awesome "kitchen member" in Introductory Foods. He is always helping other students in his group when they have questions on activities. He is the first person who would stop what he was doing when he notices someone needing help. "No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted." 

  • Mrs. Barb Soza

Ben Baracz - Ben holds himself to the highest standard and excels in every aspect. He is one of the hardest workers I have seen and he is always on task. He is a real pleasure to have in my classroom.

  • Mr. Nick Coberly

Erin Baumann - Erin Baumann is a bright, shining star in this building and has been throughout her entire high school career. She's a leader, a role model, and an exemplary student/human. I'm extremely proud of her and I know she has all that it takes to achieve infinite success in life. 

  • Mr. Jonathan Dietrich

Andrew Brown - Andy has emerged as a leader in our classroom. He is quick to offer his assistance to teachers and classmates. He brings us a lot of laughter and teaches us so much with all of the facts he knows! Andy is a true joy to have in my class.

  • Mrs. Kate West

Megan DeAngelis - Megan comes in to help her peers in my English class daily. Her selfless commitment to our class is admirable and truly fills a need. She is able to take direction in an ever-changing environment and dives into anything that is needed to ensure the success of everyone in the room. We are honored to know and love Megan.

  • Mrs. Kate West

Nataliya Dutchak - Nataliya is reliable, hardworking, kind, perseverant, and responsible. These qualities make her an asset and role model to our NRHS school community. Nataliya cares deeply about doing the right thing, even when it is not always easy. While many students this year leave school early if their study hall falls at the end of the day, Nataliya chooses to stay the last three periods and helps assist staff and students in need as an office worker in the Counseling Office. When there is no work to be done, Nataliya is diligent in completing her work. She currently is excelling in her coursework with straight A's and has no missing assignments. You can count on Nataliya.

  • Ms. Jennifer Gaydos

Rosely Gramajo - Rosely, you have gained such confidence this quarter not only in English, but across all learning environments.  This has shown through your character…your courage to keep trying, and your motivation to learn) in the classroom, among your peers and just simply supportive of your academic progress this quarter! 

  • Ms. Dawn Saringer

Gabriella Green - Gabby is always encouraging others to do their best. She is a pleasure and a positive influence in my classroom.

  • Mr. Anthony Kleem

Bogdan Gura - Bogdan has gone out of his way to help individuals in class on their assignments. Bogdan was not asked to do this, he did this because he is a very thoughtful and kind person. Bogdan, your exemplary character has not gone unnoticed. 

  • Mr. Brad Klingbeil

Daniel Karac - Daniel has excelled all three quarters in Chemistry. He has also shown great character in continuously showing compassion and giving assistance to other students that really struggle. You are truly one of a kind!

  • Ms. Kathy Schultz

Riya Mathur - The third quarter in the school year is when things tend to get their toughest: prep for state and AP tests, accelerated pace of curriculum, and the snow days that always seem to come at the worst possible time. This is especially true for sophomores in AP U.S. History, as this is the quarter where it is easy to "hit a wall." Riya hit the wall and then hit back. She showed great character and determination in completing every assignment, no matter how challenging, and responded with some of her best work of the year, building momentum for the upcoming AP test in May. It is easy for students to shut down, go through the motions, or take the easy way out. Riya showed tremendous character in doing the opposite, and that should be recognized and applauded.

  • Mr. Matt Kish

Madison Wintrich - Maddie earns this award due to her character and her achievement. She is an exemplary student who always tries her hardest, helps others who are struggling, and asks questions when needing clarification. Her success in class is a consequence of the many positive attributes she possesses.

  • Ms. Betsy Engel

Christopher Young - Chris is always respectful, kind, and helpful to both peers and adults.  He works hard and is accepting of others’ differences.  He brings out the best in our classroom and leads by example.

  • Ms. Amy Gyorok

Pride in Academic Student for CharacterPride in Academic Student for Character
Pride in Academic Student for CharacterPride in Academic Student for Character


“Involved in or committed to something as a cause”

Sa’Niyah Arnold - Sa'Niyah always comes to class with energy and puts forth her best effort every day. She is constantly participating and pushes herself to be the best student that she can be.

  • Mr. Bryan Bielak

Anthony Colasent - Anthony is like a "gentle giant" sitting in the classroom daily. He sits quietly, paying very close attention to what we are covering in class, and almost daily he will introduce a real world example to support the topic at hand. His examples and explanations are exactly to the point, and very insightful. I am so pleased that he shares his thoughts with his classmates, and I am very proud of him for his keen insight on applying the topic to the real world. 

  • Mrs. Kathleen Zink

Jayden Crawford - Jayden has volunteered three mornings a week to come in and assist with students in the Special Needs Units. He has shown great compassion and friendship to the students and is making a positive impact on them. They greatly enjoy working with Jayden. 

  • Mrs. Amy Vance

Nataliya Dutchak - Nataliya is extremely hard working, dedicated, and passionate about all of her projects. Although she's a self-proclaimed perfectionist, it's a joy to watch her invest so much of herself into all of her work. She is polite, responsible, and a real gem of a student and human being. I can't wait to see what she does next and have her in more art classes!

  • Mrs. Katie Ford

Mackenzie Ferber - Mackenzie is a consistent, valuable contributor to classroom discussions. I can always count on her to be on point and ready to help further the lesson. She is an important part of the positive classroom environment.

  • Mr. Sean Folk

Caycee Lowry - Caycee does an outstanding job in Algebra II on a daily basis. She always contributes positively to class discussions. She has a great attitude and always does quality work. 

  • Mr. Dave Marhefka

Joseph Perry - Joe is always participating in class and answering questions.  He is engaged, puts forth great effort, and his willingness to participate is greatly appreciated.  He has always worked in class and outside of class.  Joe is a pleasure to have as a student! 

  • Mrs. Eva Teague

Mallory Pickering - Mallory is such a pleasure to have in class. She comes to class everyday with a genuine desire to learn and her positive attitude is contagious to those around her. She is always excited to listen to new music in class, to play new games, to read new stories and to participate in storytelling role-plays. Every day Mallory comes to class with energy and excitement about learning. Gracias, Mallory, for your great example and infectious attitude! I really appreciate your engagement.

  • Señorita Mas (Ms. Moore)

Rylie Smith - Rylie comes in every class period with a big smile on her face and a great story to tell. She is the life of the classroom. Thank you for being so upbeat.

  • Mr. Anthony Kleem

Haylie Villao - Haylie comes to class each day with a great willingness to learn. She puts a great amount of effort into doing projects and assignments very well. She is always willing to participate in class and that willingness has also been extended to being a part of the high school German Club. At the same time, she has also inspired me to make more Kahoot games because she likes to play them so much and they help her to better learn German. I know her engagement in learning will lead her to being very successful in life.

  • Frau Klann

Alexa Zantopulos - Alexa has been putting forth so much effort in Spanish class, both in her work and in working with others, and her skills are visibly improving. 

  • Señora Sandy

Carson Zaremba - This quarter, Carson has blossomed! Carson enters class with a joyful, "Hola, Señora," each day and is on track and focused throughout class. Carson is engaged and takes part in our daily conversations on culture and asks really great, in depth questions. He has also raised his quarter grade in class! 

  • Señora Syroney

Pride in Academics Students for EngagementPride in Academics Students for Engagement


“The art of motivating a group of people towards achieving a common goal”

Natalia Bajic - Natalia's language acquisition has been steadily increasing all year. What I love most about this is the way that she is emerging as a leader in the classroom! She is quietly stepping forward to share her knowledge and abilities to help others grow in the class. It is encouraging to see her flourishing and to see her encourage other students around her to be excited about learning as well!

  • Mrs. Heather Bartel

Ben Baracz - Ben Baracz is a model student athlete. Every day he comes to class and greets me with a genuinely polite, "Hello Mr. Drev," or if I'm passing by in the hallway. Ben treats his classmates with the same respect and kindness as he does his teachers. He always has a positive vibe about himself and it's contagious. Ben has maintained solid marks in the classroom, all the while participating in sports throughout the year. He does his work diligently and does not take shortcuts along the way, and that's something to celebrate! 

  • Mr. Sean Drvenkar

David Hicks - It is amazing to see David interact with our Lifetime Activities class on a daily basis. He is a very genuine person that shows respect to everyone with whom he comes in contact. I appreciate how he leads the tone of our class, helping everybody have fun and enjoy the experience of our daily activities. David is going to do great things in life and the younger students from our class were provided with a great role model on how to go about being a great person.

  • Mr. Nick Lapsevich

Tarush Pandey - Tarush is a quiet leader. He leads by example and is always willing to go the extra mile to help other students when we do group or partner work in Personal Finance class. He is thoughtful, conscientious, and hardworking. Everything a good leader should be. I am excited for your future. 

  • Mrs. Kriste Smith

Pride in Academics Students for LeadershipPride in Academics Students for Leadership

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