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North Royalton City Schools Create a Community of Readers

North Royalton City Schools has created a literacy committee that spans all grade levels with the goal of consistency from kindergarten through 12th grade. The sixth- grade students at North Royalton Middle School have joined in this initiative by showing a greater value for reading.
Sixth-grade English language arts teachers Kelly Atkins, Kalee Moore and Gina Stabile wrote a grant proposal for the “Community of Readers” initiative to the North Royalton Educational Foundation. To prove to the foundation that the school was committed to reading, they asked for magnetic dry erase boards for all lockers in the sixth grade.

Boards were also given to the administration, custodial and kitchen staff. On the boards, each person writes what they are currently reading whether it be a book, magazine, newsfeed or something else. The goal is to show students across the building that everyone truly is a community of readers.
“The conversations in the hall have changed; kids are talking about books and questioning each other. I realize it’s new, but I think we can keep the momentum going,” said Stabile.